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Custom-Designed Wedding and Engagement Rings in Brantford

Engagements and weddings are days you want to remember for the rest of your life. That’s why picking the right ring is important – it helps set the mood and creates even better memories. That’s where Brantford’s J.D. Hill Jewellers comes in. We can help you find the perfect ring with our stunning selection of beautiful wedding rings and engagement rings. 

Choose from Fire and Ice Canadian diamond rings, classic round or princess-cut solitaire rings, new lab grown diamond rings or perhaps a coloured diamond in vivid blue, canary yellow, or black. You can even bring your dream ring to life with our custom design shop!

Custom-Designed Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is a powerful and emotional moment. Why not make it even more special by having a custom-made engagement ring? At J.D. Hill Jewellers, we use 3D computer-aided design to bring your exact design to life. You can create the perfect ring for your engagement, to your exact specifications of stone, size, shape, and details. 

Make that special moment even more special – visit us today and make your dream ring into a reality. 

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Fire and Ice™ Diamonds

We are pleased to offer Fire and Ice,™ a Canadian Diamond collection, which offers a diverse range of fine jewellery, engagement rings, wedding bands, and much more. All their jewellery is entirely Canadian, starting with diamonds mined in the Canadian north. Every piece is hand-crafted entirely in Canada. Each Fire and Ice™ diamond comes laser-engraved with a unique number that is tracked from rough to finished product. You will also receive a certificate of origin, a leatherette Fire and Ice™ passport, and a matching box accompany each Canadian diamond.


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