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CAD-Designed Custom Jewellery in Brantford

Designing your very own piece of custom jewellery is no longer a dream – we can make it a reality! Many people might think that custom jewellery is expensive, but at J.D. Hill Jewellers, we are here to tell you that’s simply not true! Designing and crafting your own piece is an easy and affordable process. 

Computer-aided design (CAD) gives our jewellers a whole new way to bring your custom pieces to life. CAD gives complete freedom in the design process, so we can create pieces as intricate as you can imagine! You’ll be wearing your own piece of luxurious, custom-tailored jewellery before you even know it. 

How Does it Work?

We start with the designing process where you meet with our team to discuss what you are looking for. The more information you can provide, the better! After that, we use 3D-rendered models to give you a preview of the piece. The software allows you to get very intricate and detailed with your design. You will be able to make any modifications to the design at this point. Once the final design has been approved, we go ahead with the crafting. Before long, you’ll have the finished piece in your hands, exactly as you envisioned it. 

To start the process of crafting your own piece of custom jewellery, please contact us.

Our owner Jamie Hill: is a custom design specialist working  in Platinum, Gold, and Silver.
Jamie Hill is a graduate goldsmith from George Brown College in Toronto, where he developed a specialty in metallurgy, design, and master setting. Following his graduation, Jamie studied under Mr. Steve Stapany, a master designer and gem setter from Beverly Hills, California along with Mr. Accura Degomi, a goldsmith and metallurgist. Jamie has studied under the tutelage of Mr. Tom Pet K. of Thailand, a specialist in the design and repair of fine jewellery.

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